How is most assisted living care usually paid for?

Most families use private funds to pay for assisted living. This means a combination of personal savings, pension payments and retirement accounts. While many seniors save for retirement over the years, family members often contribute to costs An assisted living facility (ALF) provides room and board, therapy and nursing services, and supervision. ALFs are generally less expensive and less medically intensive than a nursing home.

Some ALFs are specially authorized by the state to accept Medicaid residents, and are known as Assisted Living Programs (ALP). You can find an ALP near you here. As you evaluate senior care options for yourself or an older loved one, cost is likely to be a deciding factor. This webpage will help New York residents understand the costs of assisted living, home care, and adult day care across the state.

You may receive medical and therapeutic services, home meals, home modifications, or assistance with moving to a more suitable home, and social services. According to Genworth, the total cost of assisted living is significantly lower than that of living at home with home care. It also explores payment options and financial assistance programs available to help care for the elderly, whether at home or for seniors at home. While it is a viable option for married seniors who only need assisted housing for one person or if assisted living is needed immediately and funds from the sale of a home are not available, this type of payment is not ideal if you prefer the home to stay in the family.

To qualify for LTHHCP, you must be a Medicaid beneficiary and must meet the standard of care of a nursing home. With the increase in questions about how to pay for assisted living, it's more important than ever to understand the payment options available to you and your loved ones. Some older adults may choose to do so if they believe that it will ultimately benefit themselves and their families to use the funds to pay for assisted living today, rather than waiting for their heirs to receive the death benefit from the policy when the policyholder approves the policy. The same survey found that 61% of respondents thought they would rely on Social Security to cover the costs of assisted living or other long-term care costs.

In addition, New York offers personal care assistance to Medicaid recipients through its Personal Care Services Program (PCSP).

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