What is the average cost of assisted living in san diego?

Tomas Residential Care is a senior housing community located in the Alta Vista area of San Diego, California. Tessie Board And Care is a senior living facility located in the Bay Terraces area of San Diego, California. In addition, there are opportunities for older adults to explore augmentative communication devices, Internet access and computer equipment by participating in assistive technology training. Brookdale Clairemont in San Diego is a premier assisted living community offering hassle-free living and spacious rooms.

Ongoing evaluations of residents should include assistance with medication management, showering, dressing and grooming. Seniors who value independence but need help with activities of daily living can benefit from an assisted living facility. As a provider of supportive living options, James Board and Care provides services and amenities to San Diego seniors looking for a welcoming environment. The Patrician, A Merrill Gardens Community is a senior community located in the University City area of San Diego, California.

Silvercreek home care is a senior care facility located in the Lake Murray neighborhood of San Diego, California. Remington Club was a prestigious location in Rancho Bernardo, which is a retirement community in San Diego. For many older adults, it's an excellent decision that has allowed them to receive any level of assistance they need without compromising their independence.


living in San Diego is slightly more expensive than California's largest city, Los Angeles.

Located near the Kearny Mesa area of the city, Lorian Home is a senior care community serving San Diego, California.

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