What does assisted living cost in san diego?

Most assisted living communities and foster homes in San Diego are rented on a month-to-month basis. Jacob Health Care Center is a 128-unit skilled nursing facility located in the El Cerrito neighborhood of San Diego, California. Seniors and their loved ones can get information and referrals for safe and affordable senior housing services, as well as help find assistive technology and make home mobility modifications. California's coastal location and climate make San Diego an attractive option for seniors looking for a retreat that offers a good balance between city amenities and panoramic views.

Located in the Sabre Springs neighborhood, Belmont Village of Sabre Springs is a senior care facility serving San Diego, California. Ongoing evaluations of residents should include assistance with medication management, showering, dressing and grooming. Belmont Village Sabre Springs is a senior community located in the Sabre Springs neighborhood of San Diego, California. Throughout San Diego and throughout the state of California, seniors and their families can take advantage of the many free and low-cost resources provided by government and non-profit organizations.

It is located between two main shopping centers and within walking distance of the Interstate-15 Express.

Assisted living facilities

in San Diego are regulated by the California Department of Social Services' Community Care Licensing Division. Grossmont Gardens is an assisted living community located in the La Mesa area of San Diego, California. Located within the Clairemont Mesa West area of the city, Canyon Guest Home is a senior living facility serving San Diego, California.

Holy Rosary Residence is a senior living facility located in the College West neighborhood of San Diego, California. Family Style Care is a welcoming home that offers a selection of amenities and supportive services for San Diego seniors to consider.


living communities in San Diego are required to follow a set of rules and regulations determined by the state. For these seniors, assisted living combines residential housing, assistance with daily activities and some health care.

Crime rates are relatively low for a city the size of San Diego, while the area in and around the city is home to hundreds of public golf courses, including some that have appeared on the PGA tour.

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