What states have the most nursing homes?

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To meet the need for reliable information on national health issues, the Kaiser Family Foundation is a non-profit organization based in San Francisco, California. A few years ago, the Chicago Tribune published a story about what it is like in a one-star nursing home and, today, there is no shortage of cautionary tales floating around the Internet. Bad things can happen anywhere, of course, but if you live in one of these states (and yes, my grandmother's condition is on that list), you might want to be more thorough when researching a nursing home. Just as you will find tips to avoid nightmarish conditions, there are many articles aimed at helping families identify the main qualities of a good nursing home.

You may not be able to control where you live, but if you are in one of these states, you are more likely to have access to a good nursing home. While your family member may need to live in a nursing home at the end of their life, see this as an opportunity to make sure those last few days or years are as positive and enjoyable as possible. These are the top 10 states for nursing homes along with the percentage of ratings that were positive (4 or 5 stars). Nobody likes the idea of nursing homes, but, unfortunately, many families will have to rely on their services at some point.

FamilyAssets has done some of the heavy lifting by compiling a list of the 25 best and worst cities, as well as the 10 best and worst states for nursing homes. Whether it's tips on how to spot the 5 traits of the worst nursing homes or a profile of people who are “sick, dying, and raped in America's nursing homes,” it can all be scary. We were able to move my grandmother to a center inside the hospital a few weeks before she died and one of the few things that comforts me while I grieve is that she didn't take her last breath in that nursing home. These are the 10 worst states for nursing homes along with the percentage of ratings that were negative (1 or 2 stars).

These support services may be provided in the individual's private home, in an assisted living community or in a skilled nursing facility (also known as a nursing home), or in a continuing care retirement community (CCRC or life plan community), which offers continuing care services as well as a independent living. This older demographic is the group most in need of personal care, assisted living, and services in a skilled nursing facility. However, nursing home use rates in the Pacific Northwest were significantly lower than the national estimate, and Oregon, in particular, had one of the lowest usage rates in the country, with 26.86 for residents age 85 and older. Without going into the whole sordid story, but I will say that, after pushing for my grandmother to undergo a more rigorous medical examination, a nursing assistant called me and gave her a clean health bill.

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