What state has best senior care?

North Dakota, second overall, scored best in terms of. Massachusetts ranks as one of the best states in the country for higher education and health. 35% higher than the average of state residents 65 and older have a bachelor's degree, which may be linked to empowerment. For full details, read more about living for Virginia seniors.

Spending your last year in Hawaii is more than just having fun in the sun. This tropical state has many characteristics that make it suitable for seniors. In addition to having plenty of recreational and leisure activities to enjoy in near-perfect weather, retirees who live on a budget can enjoy low property and sales taxes. While income taxes are among the highest in the country, Hawaii offers exemptions for social security income, which can really help offset the burden older people pay.

Hawaii also offers excellent health care and housing resources for seniors, which is part of the reason that the state of Aloha has the longest life expectancy in the United States. Read more about caring for the elderly in Hawaii. Learn more about living for seniors in Nebr. Oklahoma also scores high in large part because of its economic advantages for seniors.

Tax rates are relatively low here and the cost of living is close to the bottom of all 50 states. In addition, health care and housing for the elderly are among the most affordable in the country, with low overall costs of nursing care, assisted and independent living, adult day care and home care. Oklahoma also scored well due to high access to quality healthcare, including some top-tier hospitals and abundant access to doctors who accept Medicare. Get All the Details on Oklahoma Elder Care.

Another Midwest gem for seniors, Kansas scored highest for overall quality of life, access to Medicare hospitals and doctors, and affordable cost of living. In addition to housing, food and low-cost health care, prices for home care, nursing homes and assisted living were well below the national average for those living in Sunflower State. But the perks of living in Kansas aren't all practical. With approximately one-third of residents over the age of 55, there are ample opportunities to enjoy a good social life for seniors, no matter what their interests are.

Read more about Kansas senior living. For full details, visit our page on Maryland Senior Living. Retirees have been flocking to Florida's warm and welcoming climate for decades, so it should come as no surprise that The Sunshine State ranks high on our list. Florida is one of the most fun and social places in America for retirees.

The state is home to a huge population of seniors, more than 1,000 golf courses, parks, beaches, and just about any other service one can expect. But Florida has more to offer than just sun and fun. It also has world-class access to health care, low costs for senior living, and a number of tax advantages specifically for people 65 and older. Read all about housing for people over.

The Lone Star State has some of the highest quality health care for seniors in any state in the country. With nationally ranked hospitals and health centers across the huge state, it also offers a high level of access to Medicare doctors for retirees. The cost of living is also very low compared to national averages, there are no income taxes, and there are tax exemptions for seniors to help offset higher property taxes in the state. Texas also offers a pleasant climate for most of the year, with warm summers and relatively mild winters across the state, so there's plenty of sunshine to enjoy the incredible parks and nearly 800 golf courses across the state.

Arizona is another state that has become synonymous with retirement in recent decades. The warm climate and plenty of parks and golf courses make Arizona a fun place to settle down. This is probably why about 30% of Arizona's population is made up of people aged 55 and over. Not only are senior care options widely accessible in Arizona, but they are also affordable, as the costs of assisted living, nursing homes, and home health care cost less than the country's national average.

From a financial standpoint, Arizona also scores high with low state and property taxes and no inheritance taxes. West Virginia Completes Top 10 States to Live for Seniors with Numerous Hospitals, Low Property Taxes, and Affordable Cost of Living. Since the costs of home health care and assisted living are more affordable than the national average, along with low-cost housing, it's easy to see why this is an age-friendly state. And although the mountainous state is close to the amenities offered by the largest states on the east coast, its sparse population offers plenty of space to enjoy the beautiful parks and landscapes of the entire state.

Learn more about living for seniors in West Virginia. The Empire State is undoubtedly one of the world's cultural and financial centers, but it's not a good place to settle if you're living on a retirement budget. The state places a huge tax burden on both property and income, and the overall cost of living is among the highest of the 50 states. Those looking to invest in a home for retirement can expect to pay a good penny for real estate, not to mention the high costs of food, healthcare, and other essentials.

Those who need a higher standard of care can also expect to break the bank with costs in nursing homes, assisted living, in-home care and adult day care, all of which are well above national averages. Arkansas is ranked 46th for several reasons. Access to health care and housing services for seniors is lower than in most states, particularly for people living outside one of the state's major urban areas. This may be one of the reasons why The Land of Opportunity also has one of the lowest life expectancies of the 50 states.

Unfortunately, Arkansas has also seen quite high crime rates in recent years, further tarnishing its ranking. Finally, while the cost of living is generally low, the state also has one of the highest income tax rates in the nation, which can be a major disadvantage for those who live on investment income in retirement. Learn more about living for seniors in Arkansas. North Dakota is almost at the bottom with 49, mainly because it is one of the most rural states in the country.

Older people who need medical care or other services, such as assisted living or home care, usually can't get close to where they live. It also makes socializing difficult because there isn't much to do for retirees. Finally, for those who want to go out and enjoy their Golden Years, it is better that they open up because arctic conditions can make it difficult to leave home for much of the year. Scorecard researchers point out that “the indicators had to be clear, important and meaningful, and have comparable data available at the state level.

These 26 indicators were selected because they represent the best measures available at the state level. While no single indicator can fully capture the performance of the LTSS system, on the whole, they provide a useful measure of how state LTSS systems compare across a range of important dimensions. With lakes, beaches, mountain retreats and big cities, New York is a state that truly has it all. There is no shortage of services for retirees who enjoy art, culture, outdoor recreation, entertainment and sports.

The Empire State also has a number of practical advantages for older adults. When it's time for seniors to sit back, relax and enjoy this exciting time in their lives, when they decide to call home during retirement can make a big difference to their quality of life. If you are an older adult in need of medical care, few places offer it with better quality than Rhode Island. Obesity affects 34% of adults 65 and older, ranking 47th in the nation, and 30% of seniors have tooth extractions, the highest rate in the nation.

Older people in North Carolina are less likely to have financial difficulties than those living in much of the rest of the country. America's Health Rankings analyzed 34 points the health of older people in the United States, down to their levels of isolation and suicide rate, and ranked each state by how it met those criteria. While flu vaccination rates and prescription drug coverage are outstanding in Missouri (the state ranks seventh and eighth in the nation, respectively), approximately 24% of nursing home residents receive little or no care, nearly 57% of every 1,000 hospital admissions is due to a preventable condition, 16% of the hospitalized elderly are readmitted and 18% of the elderly have their teeth extracted. Although not long ago it was in the top 10, at least Maryland has almost 69% of its seniors among healthy people and only 8.2% of seniors among its smokers.

Approximately 33% of their seniors are obese, 10% smoke, 15% don't know where they will eat their next meal, and nearly 19% have their teeth extracted. And since seniors make up nearly one-third of the state's population, there's never a shortage of recreational and leisure activities to enjoy in their Golden Years. As people age, certain changes occur in their bodies, such as decreased vision, hearing problems, and delayed motor skills that can allow poor driving habits. Alabama was also the worst in the country for its high health status, with 31% of seniors falling into that category, although access to diabetes control (81%) of older adults enrolled in Medicare aged 65 to 7 was strong enough to rank Alabama 15th in the national ranking.

About 96% of Maine's seniors have a designated health care provider, while 78% get regular health screenings. Transportation Numerous municipal departments offer transportation for seniors for services ranging from doctor's appointments to grocery shopping. The only area where this is not the case is flu vaccines, where 52.7% of seniors are vaccinated in second place in the nation. Despite being a favorite choice for retirees, thanks to 9.3% of seniors who drink heavily, 20% who end up in intensive care, and the lousy 32.2 home health workers per 1,000 adults 75 and older, Florida ranks in the bottom half of user-friendly states retirees.

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